My faint heart

Is not enough

This shattered soul

Is not an offering

My mind is fragmented

Here it is

My strength

Is feeble and frail

Here I am Lord

If you can use me

That is truly a testament

That Jesus Christ is Lord

Who also has the power to resurrect the dead.

God of Mystery

In a world of positions

It’s difficult

To live in the mystery

I have answers

I have questions

I believe in God and the gospel

Doctrine matters

As I pursue truth

I glimpse his magnificence

It leads to dimensions

Beyond my understanding

He is infinite




Do you know this God?


When she came

Parts of you long hidden



The genuine smile

Pen writing songs

Voice singing


Fingers touched ivory keys


Reflecting the image of God


The part of you

Driven beneath

By the meanness of others


Now that she’s gone

Please don’t lose

Yourself again


In heaven she would want

To listen to your beats

To hear your music