Today’s Prayer


I am so thankful that you reign over the heavens and the earth. That you are in control of all situations, great and small. You are holy and perfect in every way. The perfection of your reign will come in culmination, even as now the battle is being waged. One day, you will be proclaimed throughout the earth as the king you are, even as the angels in heaven already proclaim your majesty.

Meet the needs of your children today. Give us the strength to sustain us both physically and spiritually. Give us encouragement to accomplish your will. Give us the ability to love you and each other.

I confess that we as your people fail at loving you and others the way that we should. Our love falls short each day. We often live with walls of division rather than the unity of Christ. Help us to love as Jesus did. Help us to love the prostitutes and tax collectors and even Pharisees. As Jesus rescued Paul, the self-proclaimed chief of sinners, the Pharisee of Pharisee, help us to love all forms of sinners even as you have loved us.

Make us merciful. Remind us of the mercies you show us every day and help us not to hold grudges against anyone. When someone treats us as an enemy, remind us of how Jesus prayed for those who put you on the cross, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Protect us from temptation and deliver us from its clutches.

Your kingdom will prevail!
Your power will overcome!
Your glory will be displayed!

In Jesus’ Name,

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